Favorite Products

Below please find a list of my absolute favorite products. I highly encourage you to check these out!

Kombucha (Synergy Brand)

A fermented, effervescent tea-based beverage often consumed for alleged health benefits. There is limited scientific information supporting any health benefit and few studies are being conducted, although there are several centuries of anecdotal accounts supporting some of the health benefits attributed to the tea. Kombucha contains organic acids, aminos, electrolytes, enzymes, probiotics and detoxifiers. It claims to fights free radicals, is good for balance, appetite control, etc. But beware, it doesn’t taste like a “normal” tea, it has a vinegar taste at first. It won’t take long for you to acquire this taste and begin to crave it though! Read my post about Kombucha

Green SuperFood (Amazing Grass, Berry Flavor)

Good for alkalizing the body and providing energy in a natural form. A full spectrum of alkalizing green superfoods, antioxidant rich fruits, and support herbs unite with organic Acai and Goji berries to provide a powerful dose of whole food nutrition with a delicious berry taste. Complete with pre & probiotics and digestive enzymes to ensure rapid nutrient absorption and healthy digestion. I make a superfood smoothie every morning for breakfast, using a banana and organic apple juice. I drink another serving in the afternoon before a workout, mixed with either organic apple or orange juice. It can also be mixed with water.

Pur Water Filter

Reduces impurities in your drinking water, such as Lead, TTHM, VOCs, lindane (pesticide), 2,4-D, alachlor, atrazine (herbicide), Chlorine (taste and odor) and sediment. Sounds gross, doesn’t it? Yes, it is gross. And using a filter will also help reduce the waste and cost associated with buying oogles of bottled water.

Vega Sport (Lemon-Lime Flavor)

Good for energy, stamina, mental focus and recovery. I actually rarely drink this because it contains caffeine, but I’ll drink this before a big race for a little extra boost if I think I’ll need it that day. This product was created by Brendan Brazier, who I’ll reference throughout this blog, he is the author of the book Thrive.

Coconut Water 

Coconut water is definitely an acquired taste. I’ve found the above flavors to be the best, and I will throw one in the freezer the night before I need it. I’ll drink it right after a workout to replenish my electrolytes lost through sweat, and when it  melts it tastes like a coconut snow cone. It’s also best to drink it when you’re very thirsty, when you’ll have more of a taste for it. Coconut water is a better choice than Gatorade or Powerade for replenishing electrolytes for many reasons. First, it contains 5 essential electrolytes, the others only contain a couple. Also, there are no added artificial ingredients, and it has less calories! It’s a win-win! As soon as you acquire the taste for it, that is. If you really dislike the taste, try the chocolate flavor, there’s a better chance you’ll like it. It does contain double the calories than the other flavors though.

Dr. Joe Gonzales

Chiropractor and Muscle Activation Therapist and one of the smartest guys in the field. Listens to your words and your body, it’s quite amazing, really. Wouldn’t be able to be as active as I was without him. He offices out of Larry North Fitness at Preston/Royal in Dallas, TX. Contact him by email at drjoe[at]larrynorth.com. Contact me personally if you would like his phone number.

Dr. Christian Royer

Miracle ankle surgeon and an orthopedic guy who actually listens! Those of you who have seen the amount of orthopedic surgeons as I have know this is rare! Dr. Royer is a part of Orthopedic Associates of Dallas (OAD). Offices at Baylor downtown Dallas and Medical City Dallas. Phone number (214) 823-7090.


Raw food bars, great to keep in your purse or desk drawer for a quick, easy snack. All raw, all natural, all ingredients you can pronounce! They contain a mixture of unsweetened fruit, nuts and spices. My favorite flavor is Cherry Pie.

Emergen-C (Pink Lemonade Flavor)

Little energy packets, no caffeine of course, contains 24 nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that support your immune system, increase your metabolic function and enhance your energy level naturally. Also, the pink lemonade flavor supports breast cancer. For every box sold, 20 cents is donated to fund awareness, research and prevention efforts. How great is that?!


Daily supplement which contains 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals and nutrients, 415 nutrients to be exact not including the 71 organic trace minerals, 49 super green foods and 12 essential fatty acids. This supplement was pivotal in reducing my extreme sugar cravings. No longer do I crave cookies on an hourly basis. Thank goodness!