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Melissa Villamizar

Live Whole Be Free Founder, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Exercise Instructor

My name is Melissa Villamizar, and I spend my days as a Primary Trainer for Camp Gladiator, Group Fitness Instructor, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Information Architect.

I have been an athlete my entire life, but I wasn’t always this healthy, this fit, or this happy for that matter. I guess if I was never unhealthy, I wouldn’t have the immense amount of appreciation for being healthy that I do today. What’s scary though, is that if you asked me at the time if I thought I was healthy—I probably would have said “yes.” I was uneducated, incomplete, and being held captive by my lack of knowledge. The beautiful thing, is that I got out of that rut and into this wonderful world of health, wellness and happiness.

The more I learn about health, fitness, nutrition, life, relationships, and the psychology behind it all, the more passionate about it I become. Feeling good and being healthy involve so much more than going to the gym or having a salad for lunch. Every day, I try to live more and more “whole.” Eating right, taking care of my body, maintaing good relationships with my friends and family, trying to be a better, well-rounded person, etc. All of these things, and more, play a part in how we feel on a day-to-day basis. I’ve also found that the more “whole” I try to live, the less stressed and more “free” I feel. For example, by eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods, I am free from counting calories. I don’t think I can explain how freeing that really is, you’ll have to experience it for yourself! And such is how I arrived at the title, “Live Whole. Be Free.”

I’ve started this blog for many reasons, one of them being that I wanted a better way to share information with other people who are seeking to improve their life. I meet so many wonderful people everyday through my group fitness classes and personal training who care about themselves and want to learn more. They too are constantly striving to become healthier, happier and more educated when it comes to health, fitness and overall wellness, and I want to help them on their journeys. Everyone deserves to have a happy, healthy life.

Although nutrition plays an enormous role when it comes to your health and of course your weight, fitness plays a key part as well. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for Live Whole Be Free, Camp Gladiator, 24 Hour Fitness, Equinox, and Nike, my passion for a healthy lifestyle has really become greater than it ever has before. Helping people live healthier lifestyles is something that truly makes me happy, and seeing other people make progress is even better than making progress myself.

Please feel free to drop me a comment or an email. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter, but most importantly, get off your butt and come check out some of my classes!

Peace, health, and wellness,


Group Fitness Classes I Currently Teach

TUE: 5:30 am, Camp Gladiator @Sports Authority Frisco
THUR: 5:30 am, Camp Gladiator @Sports Authority Frisco
FRI: 6:30 pm, Nike Training Club + 7:30 pm Crunch Time @24 Hour Fitness Valley Ranch

Ankle Reconstruction

In 2008, after years of demolishing the ligaments and tendons in my ankles playing soccer, I underwent a lateralizing calcaneal osteotomy to repair the damage. As well as the osteotomy, I had soft-tissue repair done, tightening the ligaments and tendons including the peroneous longus, brevus and a brostrom repair. I documented my journey before the surgery and for a full year afterwards during my recovery. I invite you to read about my journey!


Holly Alexander, Photo courtesy of runograph.com

Holly Alexander

Live Whole Be Free Blog Contributor, Certified Personal Trainer + Group Exercise Instructor

My name is Holly Alexander. I am a mother, PR professional, and athlete. Exercise, cooking and healthy eating has always been a big part of my life. As the mother of a baby girl, I realize now more than ever the importance of good food and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle so that I can be a positive, balanced role model for my daughter. I believe that whole health starts with what you put into your body. I love to eat and explore new foods and flavors. Eating healthy and loving what you eat do not have to be two separate things. My goal is to help people incorporate good nutrition as a natural part of their daily life.


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