July 2011


Hello world! I’ve started this blog for many reasons, but in short, I needed a better way to share information with others like me. I meet so many wonderful people everyday through my group fitness classes who care about themselves and want to learn more and who are constantly striving to become healthier, happier and more educated when it comes to health, fitness and overall wellness.  So I’m here to share some things that have been successful for me.

Keep in mind when reading this, that everyone is different. What works for some may not work for others. Currently, I’d say 80% of my diet is raw, some days more, some less. I think raw is an excellent way to go, but it’s not for everyone. Personally, I need some fish and chicken in my life/diet. There are others that prefer the gluten-free route, or maybe you just want to watch your calorie intake or begin to make healthier food choices. Whatever your goal, there will be something in this blog for you!

Although nutrition plays an enormous role when it comes to your health and of course your weight, fitness plays a key part as well. As a Group Fitness Instructor for 24 Hour Fitness and Equinox, my passion for a healthy lifestyle has really become greater than it ever has before. Helping people live healthier lifestyles is something that truly makes me happy. Seeing other people make progress is even better than making progress myself. So I’ll also share with you some workouts and fitness tips as well.

Please feel free to drop me a comment or an email. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter, but most importantly, get off your butt and come check out some of my classes!

Peace, health, and wellness,