Hey Melissa! I’m so glad I got to attend your last class! You will be missed. I’ve been going to group exercise classes since high school nearly 20 years ago (gasp!), and I know good instructors. You are among the best. I’m grateful I got to attend some of your classes these past few months. Please keep me posted about your upcoming schedule in Frisco. Good luck with Camp Gladiator, you are perfect for it!

Robyn H  /  April 2013


When someone has made a huge impact in your life they should know. I want to publicly thank Melissa Villamizar. There was a time that I was afraid to start a workout and now because of her, I’m ME and I LOVE WORKING OUT!!! I thank God for placing her in my life! Melissa, you are one in a million and I thank God for you! Continue to help change lives! Once a person gets ahold of you they will never STOP, they will only want to do more! They will eat right, work out more and love doing both! I truly love you lady!

Shaterra L  /  January 2013


Hi Melissa, thank you for the great class today and always! I wanted to send a special thank you for your words of encouragement at the end of class today. Thank you so much for noticing improvement in me and pushing me each and every class. While I still have some jiggle on me, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been my entire life and you’ve helped me get there. I remember about 3 classes into your class, you approached me and took my small weights and gave me your 5 lb. weights. I thought “Oh my God, this instructor has to be insane! I can’t do this!” But, it was the best thing you could have done and I realized I CAN do this, because I did it! You’ve really helped me get stronger physically and spiritually and I really appreciate you! Thank you so much!

Theresa F  /  March 2012


You’re awesome Melissa! Couldn’t have do it without you… You were the inspiration I was lacking. Thank you for giving all your dedication to everyone. I GREATLY feel honor to be in your classes. The motivation I get from you in every single class is what keeps me going. I lost the weight and this year is all about toning!

Maria G  /  June 2012


So I must preface my testimonial with some full disclosure.  I am married to Melissa and therefore it may be perceived that I have a bias to be extremely nice to her and say all of these kind words, but be assured that every last word is true and had it been someone else other than my wife, I would have been just as kind in my testimonial.  My friends say that my moral compass is through the roof—I can’t keep a secret because if you asked me, I wouldn’t be able to lie.  Therefore you know for a fact that the words coming out of my mouth are 100% true and very well deserved.

That being said, I was able to experience my first ever personal training session about a month ago from Melissa.  My back story, no pun intended, is that I had a microdiscectomy surgery Feb 7th to remove the herniated part of my L5-S1 disk that was causing unbelievable nerve pain.  After years of pain management and therapy, it was time to get this fixed once and for all, but I had to put my athletic life on hold.  Just prior to surgery, I completed my first ½ marathon, was playing soccer 4 nights a week and was doing 2-3 boot camps a week.  I went from super endurance athlete to couch potato in the snap of a finger, and spent 2 months on the couch because I could barely walk.  I recovered from surgery with PT twice a week for 6 weeks and was finally able to get into the gym and swim as much as I wanted.  Then a few weeks later I was cleared to run.

Soon after, it was time to get my first indoor soccer game under my belt.  I emailed Melissa telling her I was going to play/asking her for permission.  Honestly I knew she would say no if I asked her opinion, but I was hoping she would see it as me telling her what I was doing that night.  Obviously that wasn’t the case.  I got a big, fat, “ABSOUTELY NOT.”  She said I would not play soccer until I passed her tests!  I am game for anything, so I agreed.  I knew that my only way back on the field was to obey, but I also knew she was good.  I have seen her transformation over the past year, and with someone as driven as Melissa, you know you can’t go wrong.  I have never seen someone have such a thirst for knowledge and immediately immerse herself in anything that would help her quench that thirst.  Books, videos, documentaries, classes, certifications—nothing is off limits for her.

At this point I already felt like I was going to be in good hands, but I just wanted to play soccer.  I assumed I would be fine.  I would just start slow, but my teammates would understand, and I would get better over time.  Melissa had a different plan in mind.  We started my training routine, lots of sprint and agility work outside in the grass.  Each session was around an hour and I was completely wiped by the end of each session.  We would start with lots of good warm up exercises and stretches, which my doctor emphasized I would need to be sure I stretched my back very well before any activity.  After a good warm up, we started the harder activities and I was ready to prove I was ready.  First exercise was to sprint 20 yards to the first cone, turn around and back pedal sprint 20 yards to the second cone, and finally turn around and sprint forward 20 more yards to the last cone.  Easy enough, right?  Well my mind knew I could do it, but my body had its own agenda.  Sure enough, first cone, I turn around, trip over my own feet, fall and slide 5 feet on my back, try to do a somersault and jump up as quick as I can as to say, “look, that never happened,” and then continue sprinting to finish out the first run.  I could just feel the smirk on her face saying “I told you so” without her even needing to say a word.

I was not ready, and I just validated that she absolutely knew what she was doing and that she knew exactly what I needed to be back on the field in tip top shape.  Over the next month, we went out at least 1-2 times each week and continued working on my drills.  Lots of side to side, forward and backward sprinting, shuffling quickly, changing directions, and working on moving my body in multiple planes.  Not to give away her secrets and expertly designed workouts, but let’s just say this was exactly what I needed.  I felt so much stronger after each and every workout, and it was a noticeable increase in strength each time I ran or did a drill.  I could start to run smoother, faster, cut quicker, last longer. . . I literally felt amazing and it was all thanks to the plan that Melissa custom tailored to my specific needs and goals. 

In the end, I felt fantastic, but I had yet to play a game and that was my number one goal.  So after a month of training, I went out to play on a Tuesday night game.  My team already knew that I wasn’t going to be 100%, but they were happy to let me get out on the field and run around a little bit, get my touch back, but not be in the way.  I left the team as the starting defender, but came back as a forward/midfielder, just so that I wouldn’t ever be in a position to lose the game or allow a goal because I couldn’t keep up with the speed of the game.  We all knew this was how it would be and were all ok with that.  I started running around up top as planned, trying to stay mostly out of the way, but after just a few seconds, I realized that I was just as fast if not faster than anyone else.  I was much quicker than expected, I was able to move my body just as I felt like I should in my mind. (It makes sense when you realize that after a surgery, your mind and body aren’t necessarily in sync.  You think you can move fast, but your body reacts slowly).  I felt amazing and my teammates were in shock and disbelief.  I don’t think I have had as many compliments ever before in my life, and it was all due to Melissa and her training sessions.  I’m pretty talented, but having the confidence of knowing my legs were underneath me and that I could move anywhere I wanted, in any direction, chase people down and get back to my pre-surgery form . . . it was amazing!

My first shift was the only shift that I played up top.  I immediately drifted back to my preferred defensive role and it was great.  I didn’t get beat once, regained the confidence of my teammates, but most importantly I regained my own confidence in my abilities.  I even had a few assists, which to me is just as good as scoring.  And everyone kept telling me how good it was to have me back and that I looked really fit. I can’t express how lucky I am to have such a talented trainer as a wife.  You can’t trade that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction for anything in the world.  I got everything I wanted out of our personal training sessions, and more!  Anyone can tell that you are very dedicated to your craft, but the proof is in the results and mine far exceeded my expectations!


Juan V  /  August 2012