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I am humbled, proud and excited to finally OFFICIALLY announce that I am one of the newest Primary Trainers with Camp Gladiator! Now that my location has been nailed down, I can give everyone all of the details you need to put this on your calendars, share with friends, family, loved ones and strangers and of course SHOW UP TO CAMP!

I have been running boot camps for quite some time now, and I have to say, this opportunity is truly an amazing one! This company is filled with so many positive and influential people, I’m so excited to become part of this movement! I also couldn’t be happier to work for owner and American Gladiator Grand Champion, Ally Davidson. I met Ally several years ago, when we both took the same boxing boot camp class. She later went on to win American Gladiator, started CG here in Dallas then moved to Austin, and I went on to eventually teach that same boxing boot camp class (along with about a dozen others), move the ‘burbs, etc., so it’s truly awesome that our paths are crossing again. Now that I’ve moved to the suburbs of Dallas, I am so excited to be able to bring my knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to the Frisco/Plano community through CG! And it all starts next week!

If you’ve taken classes of mine before, they’ve likely been in the downtown Dallas area. However, I’ve recently made the move to the suburbs where I know…no one! That’s where you come in. I desperately need your help spreading the word to the Frisco/Plano community that there is a new CG location in the area ready to take their health and fitness to the next level! If you have family, friends, coworkers, etc. in the North Dallas area, please share this post with them and let’s get them to attend my FREE Preview week happening Tuesday, 4/16 and Thursday 4/18 at 5:30am at the Sports Authority in Frisco! (Camp officially starts Tues 4/23).

Info on Camp Gladiator

Camp Gladiator is the best outdoor fitness experience in the nation. No, seriously. It is a four week adult boot camp that provides a motivating and challenging environment for men and women of ALL ages and fitness levels to improve their physical and mental states. CG provides exercises to fit each individual camper, regardless of fitness level, experience or age. Campers can expect a total body workout that includes strength, cardiovascular, balance and functional training in the form of interval training, sprint and agility drills, plyometrics and more. CG is designed to increase your functional strength, speed, stamina as well as help you lose weight, tone muscle, burn fat, relieve stress and make friends! CG delivers results regardless of your goals! Check out this one of many inspiring videos!

My camp will run every Tuesday/Thursday beginning Tuesday, April 16th from 5:30-6:30am at the Sports Authority (parking lot) in Frisco. The first Tuesday and Thursday (4/16 and 4/18) are actually free workouts considered “Preview Week”. They do not count towards the 4-week camp, therefore if you were to attend you could actually get a 5-week camp out of the deal! Bonus! Camp actually starts on Tuesday, April 23 and will run for 4 weeks. If you miss Preview Week you can still try CG for free one time, but I can tell you that I will be offering a SUPER sweet deal to those that attend a Preview Week session. 🙂

What is the deal? I’m glad you asked! If you bring 3 people to Preview Week, I will give you a FREE CAMP. Totally serious. A four week camp normally runs $170 for a new camper, but I’ll waive that entirely.

All you need for camp is a mat, a set of dumbells, and a smile. Actually, you can come without the smile if you’d like—I know 5:30am is early—because I know you’ll leave with a smile regardless. 🙂 If you have questions, comments, concerns or just want to chat, you can reach me directly via cell at 214-794-3378 or via email at melissa@livewholebefree.com (my CG email is not quite set up yet). Let’s get as many people out to Preview Week as we can!

I can’t wait to see all of you on Tuesday, April 16th!

I Like How It Feels Video from campGladiator on Vimeo.


South Frisco/North Plano CG

Tuesday + Thursdays, 5:30am-6:30am, starting 4/16

Sports Authority (Frisco)
2930 Preston Rd #200-B, Frisco, TX

Sports Authority is on the East side of Preston Road just North of 121 (and just South of Gaylord). It’s very close to Buy Buy Baby, Office Depot, etc., in a strip mall set back off the road a bit.

Coming from the North (North of 121)
Take the Tollway South to 121
Go East on 121 to Preston
Exit Preston, go North (turn left)
Turn Right on Stone Crest Rd. and turn Left into the Sports Authority Parking Lot
Coming from the South (South of 121)
Take the Tollway North to 121
Go East on 121 (right exit), Exit Preston
Go North (left) on Preston Rd.
Turn Right on Stone Crest Rd. and turn Left into the Sports Authority Parking Lot* 
Coming from the East (East of Preston)
Take 121 West to Preston
Exit Preston, go North (turn right)
Turn Right on Stone Crest Rd. and turn Left into the Sports Authority Parking Lot*
Coming from the West (West of Preston)
Take 121 East to Preston
Exit Preston, go North (turn left)
Turn Right on Stone Crest Rd. and turn Left into the Sports Authority Parking Lot*
*You can also turn Right on Gaylord
Turn Right into the strip mall parking lot
Follow the parking lot all the way down until you reach Sports Authority on the end


I’ve attached a quick map for your reference, since if you google Sports Authority it doesn’t put you in the exact correct spot. For more information you can visit Camp Gladiator online. Please note that this new location has not been added to the website just yet.

See you April 16th, bright and early!

Facebook Event Link: Tuesday, 4/16

Facebook Event Link: Thursday, 4/18

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