Live Whole Be Free

Personal Training

Live Whole Be Free believes in a well-rounded approach to health, wellness and happiness. We believe that in order to truly be happy, one must be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. This requires a healthy relationship with family, friends, food and fitness. In addition to fitness training we offer nutritional guidance as well.

We offer personal training sessions which gives you a chance to meet one on one with NASM- and NESTA-Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of Live Whole Be Free, Melissa Villamizar, to help you reach your fitness goals. We will customize a program for you based on your current lifestyle, your wants and your needs. No two programs are the same, just like no two people are the same. We listen to you and dig deep to find out what’s really going on in your life in order to help you from all angles.

Training sessions are 55 minutes in length and include cardio, strength, flexibility, balance and neuromuscular training. We use little to no external equipment, but when we do use it, it includes things such as: cables, bands, dumbbells, SPRI360, medicine balls and stability balls. Training sessions are one on one, unless you have a friend or two that want to join together for a group session. Pricing for both is listed below, and includes outdoor training only. If indoor training is preferred, there will be an additional charge. Email melissa[at] for location information and to answer any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: All payments are expected in full prior to or at the start of the first session. Payments are non-refundable. Should client need to cancel for any reason, he/she will provide trainer with at least 24 hours notice, otherwise resulting in loss of session.

One-on-One Personal Training — 1 Person

Single session: $75

5-pack: $70/session = $350 total (save $25 compared to single session price)

10-pack: $65 = $650 total (save $100)

15-pack: $60 = $900 total (save $225)

20-pack: $55 = $1100 total (save $400)

Semi-Private Personal Training — 2 People

Single session = $55 per person

5-pack: $50/session = $250/person

10-pack: $45/session = $450/person

20-pack: $40/session = $800/person

Semi-Private Personal Training — 3 People

Single session: $50 per person

5-pack: $45/session = $225/person

10-pack: $40 = $400/person

20-pack: $35 = $700/person

Semi-Private Personal Training — 4 People

Single session: $45 per person

5-pack: $40/session = $200/person

10-pack: $35 = $350/person

20-pack: $30 = $600/person