Good news for those with sensitive skin! Live Whole Be Free has created a special line of deodorant just for you! This all-natural deodorant is similar to our other scents with the exception of the essential oils. The essential oils have been omitted from this sensitive skin version, which may alleviate any redness or irritation that some may experience.

I will say that some people do experience some minor redness and irritation (small bumps) during the initial weeks of using this all-natural product (me being one of those people). If this happens to you, my suggestion is to avoid applying the product on areas that might be irritated and/or skip applying the product for a day or so, until irritation has subsided. This worked just fine for me! Sometimes the essential oils may cause this irritation, so we’ve created a version that doesn’t include them to enable everyone to use the product.

The good news is that even though this version is not scented with the essential oils, it still has a nice light coconut scent to it. Men, not to worry, you can’t smell anything once it’s on! Interested? We thought so! You can buy it online from our Etsy shop!

Peace, love and chemical-free lifestyles,