Hello and Happy Monday friends from across the globe! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

We are starting off this new week posting about what many might consider a rather touchy subject. It has come to my attention that several people may have experienced some frustration after I recently shared a photo on facebook of a sign in a doctor’s office stating that they do not give flu shots. I shared this photo because I believe it’s time people start realizing that just because someone (i.e. the media, Walgreens, etc) says you should do something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. I wish more people realized that they have a choice whether or not to get the flu shot, a right to know what potentially dangerous chemicals it contains and possible drawbacks to getting it.

However, doctors and nurses everywhere save lives every day. They come to work day in and day out dedicating themselves to helping others. How many of us can say that about ourselves? So to doctors and nurses everywhere, here is me saying that I appreciate what you do for us. I think we are lucky to live in a country with amazing advancements in medicine, but I also feel that we should be doing more to prevent disease instead of treating symptoms or waiting for things to get bad, as they inevitably will without preventative care. My frustration lies in the media, big pharma companies and doctors that don’t listen.

Unfortunately it only takes one bad apple to tarnish a name. It’s that one dirty player that gives the team a bad reputation, the one ref that makes the bad call or maybe it’s a family with a misunderstood child. In this case, I feel that it is because of years of treatment by uneducated doctors that helped land me in the position I am today—dealing with side effects and issues from years of being over-medicated.

Flu Shots NOT Here!Do I believe in the flu shot? No, I most certainly do not. I think it does more harm than good. But we live in the United States, where we have the right to say, think and feel as we so desire. It is for that same reason that I withhold judgement towards others that DO get and believe in the flu shot. Am I going to vaccinate my children? Yeah, probably. Word on the street is that they can’t get into school otherwise. Am I thrilled about that? Not particularly. But I do think it’s great that my children won’t have to get the measles.

I’ve gained and continue to gain knowledge as I grow older, and one of the most important things to me is that people realize that there are two sides to every story. For instance, big pharma companies fund studies and publish research about how their drug cures “such and such” disease. Maybe it does, but there’s also about 100 side effects it causes as well, which are severely downplayed. Fruits and vegetables, physical activity and plenty of rest can prevent those diseases and even reverse ailments in some cases too, but no one can get rich off fruits and vegetables like they can a prescription medication. No one is going to fund research that proves vegetables can make you better because then what…? People might actually start eating them, and might become healthier?! If that happens, they won’t need the big pharma company’s medications, then the pharma companies go out of business—heaven forbid!

Again, these are my ramblings. There’s a million other people on the internet rambling about things you may or may not agree with. But my current thoughts and feelings stem from past experiences as well as my current state of well being which very honestly right now—is sheer frustration. Frustration because I feel like I was mislead for more than half of my life and am now paying the price. And most recently, frustration that I tell my ENT doc that I’m looking for a lasting drug-free solution to my problem, and he does just the opposite by writing me prescriptions for decongestants and steroids. He’s probably just busy, but he’s not listening. On the other hand, I have several natural doctors that I’m working with that do listen to me, and I feel as if they truly care about me. They treat me like a person, not a number, and are dedicated to finding natural solutions to my issues that will make me happy and healthy.

So to the doctors and nurses out there, thank you. Thank you for doing what you do, day in and day out. Thanks for understanding that the shared photo comes from a girl who’s quite frustrated, like yourself. In the end, we all want to be happy and healthy. So let’s band together!

Peace, love and understanding,